Artisan Raises $7.3 Seed Round

Updated On: July 15, 2024
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Artisan Raises $7.3 Seed Round

We’re excited to announce that we’re a step closer to our mission of creating Artisans, fully autonomous AI employees, and a software ecosystem that allows seamless collaboration between humans and AI.

6 months ago, we were accepted into Y Combinator with a team of 3. Since then, we have launched V2 of our platform, onboarded hundreds of companies, and have 13 employees working on our product.

Our investors

Our round was led by Oliver Jung, an early investor in Airbnb, Rippling, Revolut, and many other unicorns. Other investors include Sequoia Scout, Y Combinator, Soma Capital, BOND Capital, Anu Hariharan, Paul Daversa, Fellow’s Fund, Mento VC and more.

We also raised on an uncapped 20% discount SAFE – meaning the round will convert at a 20% discount to our Series A valuation.

Where we’re going

Starting with sales, we’re replacing and automating the entire GTM SaaS stack.

We launched our AI Sales Agent, Ava, in February 2023. She automates 80% of a BDR’s role. She operates within our Artisan Sales platform, which replaces 10s of outbound sales tools into a single, consolidated platform. It’s also the only sales software to automate personalized email writing with dynamic email playbooks that can emulate any style a human BDR would write in. In the past few months, we’ve seen strong interest from large B2B SaaS companies who are ready to consolidate their complex, fragmented software stack.

Next in our pipeline is Liam, the Marketing Artisan, and James, the Customer Success Artisan.

While our competitors are building solutions that sit on top of existing software stacks, our vision is to become the go-to platform for GTM SaaS and digital labor. When you’re hiring AI employees, you’re not going to want to also pay for software tools for them to use. We’re at war against context switching, poor UX and manual workflows.

We’ve created levels of AI employee autonomy

We launched V2 of our platform at the beginning of April. This release introduced Level 2 Autonomy of AI Agents, a significant improvement on Level 1, which came out in February 2023. Where Level 1 Ava required manual human review, Level 2 Ava operates on autopilot, independently crafting and sending emails in a variety of styles, without direct human input.

These ‘levels’ are based on the levels of AI agent autonomy, which is a framework central to our vision of a future where AI employees and humans collaborate seamlessly.

At the basic end of the spectrum, where most AI solutions today exist, Level 1 autonomy is where the agent acts upon specific instructions without deviation. Level 2, where Ava currently operates, introduces assisted autonomy, where the system can make certain decisions and perform tasks with minimal human oversight.

We’re currently working on Level 3 autonomy, where AI agents will not only execute tasks but also begin to manage complex decision-making processes within specified scenarios. We will continue to ascend the levels of autonomy until we achieve Level 5 Artisans – AI employees that can perform better than humans in all hard & soft skills associated with a given role.

This is the next Industrial Revolution

The complete integration of AI in the office is quickly becoming a reality. Ava currently automates 80% of a Business Development Representative’s (BDR) role. This capability underscores the profound shift in how work is conducted and the role of human workers in the new digital economy.

Work is changing forever, and every person’s job responsibilities will change in the next few years. We are at a pivotal time in humankind, and we truly believe we are on the precipice of the next Industrial Revolution. At Artisan, we’re positioning ourselves at the forefront of this AI Renaissance. We will be the leaders in bringing AI employees to the mainstream.

Over the next few months, we’re working hard towards raising our Series A, and onboarding as many mid-market and enterprise companies as we can.

If you’re interested in hiring Ava, you can get in touch here.

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