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Our AI BDR Ava Automates 80% of Your Outbound Workflow

Ava takes care of finding & engaging leads, so your team can focus on building a network, handling objections and closing deals.

Save Time & Money

Why You Should Go With Artisan Sales

Consolidate your sales enablement stack, achieve a lower cost per meeting booked, and scale seamlessly with Artisan Sales.


Save On Headcount

With Artisan Sales, 80% of your outbound team’s tasks are automated, so you can reach more people without growing your team.


An AI BDR That Self-Optimizes

Ava isn't your average AI sales assistant. Not only does she automate tasks, she also learns from your feedback over time, just like a real human would.


Get Up and Running Within A Week

Learning to use Artisan Sales takes minutes - and with our dedicated support team's help, you'll be onboarded and live within days!


Replicate Your Top Performers

Using our AI Playbooks, we can work with you to automate your top-performing outbound research & writing workflows.


All-In-One Subscription

From email deliverability to B2B data, we've got it all. We've built best-in-class products for the entire outbound cycle, all in one place.


Intent-Driven Outbound

Harness the power of behavioral, firmographic, technographic, search term, social media keyword, review site and competitor user intent data.

The Answers To
Your Questions

Where does Ava find leads?

We work with a number of industry-leading data providers to give Ava access to the most accurate and valuable B2B data through advanced AI-powered automation. You don’t need to have your own data source - everything is built into our AI sales platform, enhancing the efficiency of your sales teams.

Who does Ava send emails as?

Ava impersonates you, sending emails using your email address. Leveraging generative AI, she incorporates on-brand messaging to sound like you and your salespeople, ensuring your sales teams can maintain consistency and optimize communications.

Can Ava respond to emails too?

This functionality is currently in beta and will roll out more widely soon! Right now, you can ask Ava to draft responses for you within the Inbox. She also leverages AI-powered automation to follow-up with leads, helping streamline your sales activities.

Can Ava do outreach on LinkedIn?

This feature is currently being built! Soon, Ava will help capture more of the sales cycle by automating outreach on LinkedIn and other social media platforms. This will include sending connection requests, messages, and more to boost your conversion rate and streamline your sales activities.

Can Ava make phone calls?

We’re currently building our Dialer so your salespeople can do cold calling and outreach through our platform! Ava will be able to listen in, take notes in real-time, and streamline your workflow with automated follow-up phone calls during your sales calls.

What’s the pricing to hire Ava?

Our pricing is variable based on the lead volume and customization you need. Ava leverages the power of AI to enhance lead generation, improve conversion rates, and help close deals efficiently. For a pricing consultation and to learn how Ava can contribute to your sales enablement, please reach out to our sales team.