Artisan Pricing

Customized plans and features for every business, from early-stage startups to large enterprises.


Email Deliverability

Enhance your sender reputation and ensure robust email health with our built-in deliverability optimization features. Trust that every email will reach your leads' inboxes.

Email warmup

Bounce testing

Data cleaning

Dynamic email sending limits

Mailbox health & placement monitoring

And more

Sales Automation

Our AI Sales Agent, Ava, automates 80% of the outbound sales cycle. With her on your team, you’ll never have to worry about spending hours on manual tasks again.

Lead discovery

Lead research

Email ghostwriting

Full autopilot

And more

AI Sales Playbooks

Our AI Playbooks leverage GenAI to emulate various types of sales emails typically researched and written by humans, tailored uniquely for each lead. Instantly access proven outbound strategies to supercharge your outreach.

A series of AI Playbooks that replicate successfully outbound strategies

Ability to personalize email styles

Custom Playbooks

And more

Full Agency Management

Tired of managing your own outbound? With Agency-Level Management, we will set up, manage and optimize your account for you – just sit back and watch the meetings roll in.

Full campaign set up and management

ICP A/B testing

Messaging optimization

Ongoing campaign refinement

Lead response management

Meeting booking

And more

Lead Discovery & Enrichment

Zero in on your ICP with our rich suite of features to identify, validate, research and manage thousands of prospects.

Access to 300M+ high quality B2B contacts

Data enrichment

Web scraping

And more

Meet Ava

Meet Our First Artisan,
Ava, the AI BDR

She’s 10x more productive than a human, at one-tenth of the cost. She finds leads, researches them, and writes hundreds of hyper-personalized emails. All in a matter of seconds.

The Answers To
Your Questions

How does Artisan pricing work?

Artisan is priced based on the volume of leads you are doing outreach to. We can split this between BDR & AE seats as required.

We have specific security requirements that are not covered on your site - can you accommodate them?

Yes! Reach out to our sales team and we can work with you to scope your specific requirements and ensure Artisan is set up and used in a compliant way.

What kind of support do you offer?

We offer white glove support as standard. We will work closely with you through the onboarding process, you will have a dedicated account manager, and for larger customers we can set up a direct connection via Slack or Teams.

I’m an existing customer, how do I access the new pricing packages?

Reach out to your Artisan account executive, who can do a full walkthrough of the new packages and create a customized proposal for you.